human hair

Purchased A Few Wigs On Ebay - What A Disaster!So a few weeks back I purchased two wigs (synthetic) on ebay. A week after that I purchased another one (supposedly human hair). I was hesitant to make online purchases of wigs for obvious reasons. One, I didn’t have the ability to see the quality of hair or thickness of the cap, and Two, I wasn’t able to try the hair on first. But I went ahead anyways with eyes wide open, knowing that I may end up getting a bag or rocks in the mail… or worst nothing, or worse what I got in the mail… Horrible wigs. I should mention the wigs are quite photogenic and take a much better picture than they actually look like in person. I couldn’t help myself, I had to throw it on my dog and take a picture. He looks much better in it than I did.

My first set of wigs arrived promptly and I anxiously ran out the door to pick up the package like a little girl on Christmas morning…tearing at the box to get to the inside. I open it and was shocked at what stared back at me, it looked like rubber hair. I have no idea what the wigs were treated with, perhaps a preservative or maybe it was the dye used, but I was horribly allergic to it and instantly started sneezing, the watery eyes followed suit. There I was, standing with rubber hair on my head, a cap so thick it felt like 3 baseball caps and an allergy attack. What a disappointment! I would have preferred the bag of rocks. :) My fiance was very sweet and didn’t make any initial reaction to my rubber hair cap, he was just silent. As soon as I screamed in horror after seeing my reflection in the mirror he was quick to jump in and casually mention that they weren’t very good quality. Not being good quality is an understatement. My childhood cabbage patch doll had better hair.

The next wig (human hair.. yeah right) arrived the following week. At least I wasn’t allergic to it, but still poorly made, so now I have 3 wigs that cannot be worn and will never see the light of day. Thank goodness for that. I am not discouraged though, it was a big step for me to order them and to try at least start thinking about wigs as a possibility. After this experience, I definitely think wigs are something that have to be seen and tried on in person. Very important. There are several large wig retailers in my area so perhaps I’ll get up the courage to visit one soon. I’ll keep you guys updated.