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As I am sure everyone is already aware, the Internet can be such a wretched place for men and women who are searching for answers for their hair loss. When I started losing my hair 9 years ago, the online resource options were pretty slim, but what made it worse to me was that the available online forums seemed so depressing, confusing and darn right ugly at times. People fighting and no direction really sent me more into a downward spiral, of course so did everything else. :)  This is why I wrote a post last September 10th explaining my thoughts and opinions on online forums in general, and why I had chosen not to include one on this site. I have sort of softened up my opinions on online message boards since that time and understand now the value it can have for some individuals. I realize that if forums are cultivated in a respectful, professional and loving manner that they can be a huge value to people.

A new forum has recently been launched by the founder of The American Hair Loss Association. The forum titled Bald Truth Talk is aimed to create a safe platform for men and women to get real information and support without the confusing junk that often times infiltrates online message boards. To read an article about this new resource visit:

I am proud to be a part of this new online support message forum. I am already a member over there and will being doing my best to represent women with hair loss, and to share information and guidance the best I can. I want to make sure that women everywhere suffering with hair loss knows they are not alone. The only thing worse than losing your hair at 21 years old, is to be losing your hair AND thinking you are the only one. [click to continue…]


Women’s Hair Loss Forums

by admin on September 10, 2007

Women's hair loss forumsSo I received an email recently from a woman who thought it would be a great idea to start a hair loss forum on this site. The thought certainly crossed my mind when I was putting together this blog… I even installed the forum and then took it off. Why? I guess because for me hair loss forums never really helped me. The idea is great, and I think there certainly is an element of support and togetherness that makes them really important, but I always felt worse after spending time on the hair loss forums because I felt more confused than ever. Everyone is so individual, you may read on a hair loss forum that some treatment someone is doing that is working for them, but isn’t working for you, and you may end up feeling bad. Or perhaps you are taking something that you think is good for you and then you read that another women had devastating results from it, but yet another women had success with it, and you may feel lost and confused. It makes you second guess your own course of treatment, for better or worse. [click to continue…]