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Guest Blog By: Angie

Does anyone out there who has begun their hair wearing journey regret their decision? Wish they’d tried harder to hang onto their bio hair? Feel they’ve done everything they can? Would do anything different? (Ok, so that’s more than one question, lol!)

At this point in my HLBS (to coin Lina’s term!) journey, I really don’t feel I have much choice but to start wearing hair. It’s getting more and more difficult to cover up, when I don’t use Toppik you can totally see my scalp, and even when I *do* use it, I still feel it looks like crap. :( The thinning has REALLY accelerated the last few months for whatever reason, but I’ve been dealing with this for over a decade. At this point, even a crappy, synthetic wig I think would look better than my bio hair. :(

Anyhow, I made an appointment at a Hair Loss Restoration Clinic about an hour from here, this coming Tuesday. I’m looking into the Virtuesse system. I contemplated wigs, goodness knows there are beautiful ones out there – but I really want something that is “mine” – so am looking into a bonded system. I feel like if I’m going to make this leap, I might as well go all in and have something I can “own” and maybe even pass off as my own. I just feel like in a wig, I wouldn’t be able to do that….I’d be way to self concious about it falling off, being obvious, etc.

The problem in both areas is the cost. For a bonded system, I’m looking at about $360 a month, for four systems per year. That is all maintenance included, I would be going in every 4-6 weeks to have it cleaned and aligned, and would get a new system every three months. For the wigs that I like, they start off at a minimum of around $600, and need to be replaced about once a year – and I prefer the high end ones, which can run several thousand dollars. [click to continue…]


A gal from The WHLP sent me an email that asked some questions that seem to be on a lot of ladies’ minds, so I’m going to answer her questions here :)

What Stage Is My Hair Loss? I consider my hair loss advanced, but still passable in the world. I started off with A LOT of hair, my bio hair had more density than my wig actually has so I’ve luckily been able to get by year after year still looking like a person with “ok” hair and then eventually maybe just looking like a gal with naturally thin hair. This past year it sort of crossed that threshold into real super sparseness that I couldn’t completely conceal my hair loss in the way I had been doing in the years prior. Having said that,  I can still wear my bio hair in a ponytail and go to the grocery store and for the most part nobody would be none the wiser, except for another thinning hair gal perhaps. If I washed my hair, blow dried it, pumped it up with volumizing products and then flat ironed it, it would probably be still “acceptable” hair by many people’s standards. To me, it’s yucky, crappy, stringy good for nuthin’ hair that I’m tired of being a prisoner to.

Why Did I Decide To Go With a Full Wig Rather Than a Topper? The clip-in topper was never an option because my hair is too thin and fragile to withstand the pressure of the clips, even though topper clips are typically very small they still cause me quite a bit of discomfort, so that was out. This issue was rearing it’s ugly head  yet again when I was looking at wigs, because wigs are typically kept in place with the use of clips and combs (or glue) as well. Only I found the situation to be worse with a wig because the wig is heavier than the topper adding even more pressure and discomfort. Thankfully I found the WiGrip so that saved me and my sanity.

So the question really is why did I choose a full wig over a bonded topper? I have seen enough bonded toppers in the WHLP network to know that when they are done right, they are amazing, but they also require the guts to shave the top part of your head. I personally think if you’re going to bond, the best way to have it done is on a clean shaved surface, and while you can bond to the top of your hair, I think that would tug your bio hair and be way more messy and frustrating. Also the topper hair wouldn’t lay as flat and naturally as it could if it was on a bald surface. If I was a braver person I would have just gone for it, but alas I’m a chicken and couldn’t make that chicken leap to bonded-hair-landia. So it was either wait until I get the moxi to bond, or start looking at WIGS. I honestly never thought I could or would wear a wig, I think I had some massive negative image built up in my mind about it – like an image with a granny in a rocking chair knitting, whose crown is covered by a powered gray wig.  You know THAT kind of wig, I was about to bust out my rocking chair when I realized that good wigs are pretty earth shatteringly wonderful. [click to continue…]


Working Out In a Bonded Lace Topper

by MalloryT on January 27, 2012

One of the questions I see the most on the forums is the issue of working out in a bonded lace system. I was planning to do a series of tests to put my system through the straits since getting it in July but life and my recruiting obligations got in the way. However, I have my full time post-grad job lined up and have been putting some serious work into working out since December 22nd. I’m planning to write a series of posts about taking my lace system through different workouts for informational purposes.

First System: Reprieve Integration. The Reprieve Integration sits on top of your own bio hair-there are tabs around the edge of the system through which your bio hair is looped to “tie” the system to the top of your head. This can only be done by a trained technician on the system. I don’t know what the base material is…it almost felt like a hard plastic-y mesh of sorts? I used to work out in this system last year and had a lot of trouble because it gets SO HOT that I could not bear to work out for more than 30 to 35 minutes. I think I hit 45 minutes max. Sweat head also affected me in close spaces…I really think it’s having all the bio hair underneath it. The plus side is that I was never concerned about the system coming off-it is “taped” but the tape doesn’t sit against your sweating scalp, they hold together the looped hair that binds the system to your head.

Lace Systems: I wear a silk top with all lace, no poly. The silk top panel is 4 x 4. I sweat through the lace except at the point of the silk top panel. I have not had any issue of the system being too hot on my head in any situation and I only start to “notice” it on my head if I go 11/12+ days without re-bonding.

I re-bonded my lace system last Thursday. Here are the workouts I’ve done to date (I’ve worked out every day). [click to continue…]


I am actually going for a consultation for Reprieve hair on Monday. I have also been to 2 other consultations for hair replacements. I am sooooo lost right now. I am currently using provillus (5% minoxidyl) and Toppik. I am not too thrilled with shaving my head for bonded toppers, but I am done with not having hair. Any advice for me??? Does anyone know if you have to be shaved for the Reprieve system – just curious since I haven’t had my consultation yet.~Alicia


Hi Alicia,

Unfortunately I have so little information about wearing hair because I haven’t thoroughly researched it for myself yet. I am glad you are taking the initiative to have consultations and educating yourself so that you can possibly wear hair in the future. I know Julie has worn Reprieve Hair (here are her pictures) and absolutely loved it. She probably could answer your questions best about that system. I am going to email her to let her know this question is on the blog. But based on the little information I have read about the system I don’t think you have to shave your head for it. How did your two other consultations go? I am interested in learning about the different processes myself since that my be an option in the near future.

If anyone has experience with wearing hair, bonded toppers etc, please let us know your thoughts. Alicia, please keep us updated with how your consult goes with Reprieve and what you learn.