This video really won’t provide you one solid Yes or No answer as to whether or not you should tell people about your hair loss. I want to just state that off the bat, so no one feels like they wasted their time watching for that actual answer…. What It does provide is a rather long story of my personal experience, and surrounding thoughts and reflections  in sharing BEFORE the point I started wearing hair and acceptance of that and also the importance of managing your expectations of what others can and cannot provide because that can end up causing us hurt or being let down if we make the leap to tell someone while we are at our most vulnerable and that person does not seem to “get us.” 

Definitely within the first year of hair wearing (2012) I began to get more comfortable telling people I wore wigs and then that prompted the question of why, and I’d tell them, hair loss. Over time that process has become quite easy to do, and it certainly was liberating for me,  but that is a very different story than when I wasn’t comfortable with how I looked and was very self conscious about my hair loss prior to my wig wearing life. 

I hope this video helps someone needing to hear my mind ramble and also I hope others share their experience in telling people about their hair loss PRIOR to the point of acceptance, (really at the stage of wanting to tell a friend, spouse, mother etc for support ), as that is a pocket many women are living in, and I hope when someone that finds this video and is in that space and time frame, that they can hear a collection of viewpoints, not just my own to help guide them in their own personal choice of choosing whether it would be the right time with them to share with someone in their life.  

Thank you guys for watching and definitely please share your thoughts below, would love to hear from you! 

Much Love To All!

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