Laser Comb and Other Laser Hair Loss Treatments

by admin on September 18, 2007

Laser Comb and Other Laser Hair Loss TreatmentsI was asked yesterday what my thoughts were on the lasercomb and other various laser hair loss treatments currently available. Admittedly, I’m not incredibly knowledgeable about them, rather I just have a personal opinion. This is what I wrote in response:

“As far as the Lasercomb, I haven’t tried it. Any hair loss treatment (no matter what it is) can cause what they call the “dread shed,” which is excessive shedding for a couple months before you see improvement. Truth be told, I can’t afford to shed anymore hair than I already am. Since I personally don’t think very much of the laser treatments, it’s really not worth it to me. I think that there would be women screaming from the mountain tops “I got my hair back, look at my pictures” if it were really all it was hyped up to be. Hair loss treatment is always a very personal choice, but for me I wasn’t willing to try the lasercomb.”

Like I mentioned this is just my opinion. I would love to hear other women’s experiences with laser hair loss treatments, whether it was the Hairmax Laser Comb, the Laser Hair Brush by Sunetics etc.

What concerns me more than the hefty price tag these treatments have, (ripping off vulnerable women is always a concern) is that I would hate for any woman to experience ill effects from it. Proponents of the laser hair loss treatments will inevitably say that the shedding caused by the laser treatment would be an indication that the treatment is working. They might go on to explain that this means the laser is exerting it’s effect on the hair follicles which in time will prove to be positive. Maybe. Maybe not. After all there are tons of medications that cause hair loss and shedding that certainly are not having a positive effect on your hair.

We all must form our own opinions based on the very limited information out there about the laser hair loss treatments. If it helps women I would definitely like to know and be able to share that with the other women visiting this site. But for now my thoughts remain unchanged.