reprieve hair

I am actually going for a consultation for Reprieve hair on Monday. I have also been to 2 other consultations for hair replacements. I am sooooo lost right now. I am currently using provillus (5% minoxidyl) and Toppik. I am not too thrilled with shaving my head for bonded toppers, but I am done with not having hair. Any advice for me??? Does anyone know if you have to be shaved for the Reprieve system – just curious since I haven’t had my consultation yet.~Alicia


Hi Alicia,

Unfortunately I have so little information about wearing hair because I haven’t thoroughly researched it for myself yet. I am glad you are taking the initiative to have consultations and educating yourself so that you can possibly wear hair in the future. I know Julie has worn Reprieve Hair (here are her pictures) and absolutely loved it. She probably could answer your questions best about that system. I am going to email her to let her know this question is on the blog. But based on the little information I have read about the system I don’t think you have to shave your head for it. How did your two other consultations go? I am interested in learning about the different processes myself since that my be an option in the near future.

If anyone has experience with wearing hair, bonded toppers etc, please let us know your thoughts. Alicia, please keep us updated with how your consult goes with Reprieve and what you learn.