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The World’s Best Ponytail Holder For Thin Hair

by admin on December 28, 2007

The World's Best Ponytail Holder For Thin HairHi everyone, holidays are so busy… So many people to see so much stuff to do. I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves.

I have to tell you, I found the world’s best ponytail holder. I was having so many problems with all my current hair ties because nothing would hold my thin hair in a ponytail, all the hair ties would slip off and be a constant reminder of my hair loss. Every time I go to the grocery store I’m always looking in the ponytail hair tie section to see if I find anything, and I did!! It is made by “Goody” and called “Stay Put Hold” There is also one called “Slip Proof Hold” which is very similar. That hair tie gives a super tight grip to the hair and I can finally wear a ponytail comfortably without the band constantly falling out. It’s got a rubber feel with treads on it which keep it in place. This is a definite must have for anyone with thin hair, I bought 15 packs, and I’m certainly going to buy a bunch more. I found it about a week ago and kept meaning to write about it, but the holidays had me running around.

Looking forward to the new New Year, one thats filled with less depression, more happiness, more self acceptance and of course more hair :) I have lots to write about and have received many emails from from so many women with personal hair loss stories which I will be putting up. I apologize for not writing as frequently as I usually do, I’ve been so busy with work and the holiday season.

Cheers to the New Year.