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The Hair Loss Crystal Ball

by admin on March 2, 2008

The Hair Loss Crystal BallIf you had a test that would tell you with some degree of certainty whether or not you were destined to lose your hair, would you take it? We don’t really have to make that decision because it isn’t available for women, however, men now have that choice. There has been much buzz surrounding the new genetic test called, “Hair DX.” According to their website, ” HairDX reports about a genetic variant found in more than 95% of bald men. Scientists found that people with this genetic variant are at 60% risk of going bald by the age of 40. HairDX also reports about a less common genetic variant of the same gene, that if present indicates a greater than 85% likelihood of not going bald before the age of 40. ”

The at home genetic test is like a hair loss crystal ball, a $149 crystal ball. I imagine there will be at least some men that are not going to want to take the test, probably likening it to the drastic comparison of knowing the date of your own death, but there is real value in a test like this. The first benefit that comes to mind is that it would probably shorten the denial phase, and allow men to take hair loss treatment action earlier rather than waiting years and years.

The HairDx genetic test is not currently available for women and who knows if it will ever be. Most everyone probably already knows women’s hair loss is so much more complicated than that of men. I also think that there isn’t enough research being done about female hair loss. Perhaps it isn’t perceived as being that big of a deal or perhaps the fault lies in lack of awareness. The reality is that this is a very real devastating problem that millions of women are forced to deal and live with in their lives. [click to continue…]


Talking' Bout Bald Girls - Article in Star MagazineI was at the grocery store yesterday when a magazine caught my eye. It is this month’s Star Magazine. It has a big title sprawled across the cover, “Hollywood Stylists Tell All!” and beneath it with a nice pink asterisk, it says “Who’s really bald.” Obviously I wasn’t going to make it out of the grocery store without this new item in tow, nor could I wait to paw through the pages until I came across the section it made reference to on the cover. It said “Talking’ Bout Bald Girls” and has 3 images of the heads of celebrities, Nichole Richie, Kate Beckinsale, and Lindsay Lohan.

I have to say that image of Kate Beckinsale isn’t new, I saw it a long time ago online. What the magazine is touting as “bald girls” is hardly the truth. Nichole Ritche may have some slight thinning on the hairline from the extensions, but even with a magnifying glass I couldn’t find the “noticeable bald spot” that the article stated existed and even had pointed to with a white arrow. Obviously I don’t know her and maybe there is truth to it, but you can’t tell from this image. Kate Beckinsale has a tiny little thin round area, very slight, very mild and again doesn’t warrant the title of “bald girl.” Lindsay Lohan got caught with her extensions showing, that’s how her head got landed on this page. An insider talked to Star and stated that she “is hiding her overprocessed hair” and that “the beautiful, shiny hair you see is not her own. It’s definitely extensions.”

On a different page there is an image of Jennifer Lopez with arrows pointing to different parts of her body. The one I found interesting is the arrow to the hair. I never knew that Jennifer Lopez wore hair, I just thought she was really lucky to be blessed with such gorgeous locks. The title is “Her Hair Does Cost A Thing.” It says “Don’t be fooled by the hair that she’s got! The source says that J.Lo sometimes wears wigs and that her actual hair barely touches her shoulders. And those big buns she wears? They’re add-ons!”

News to me. And yes, I’m guilty of buying Star magazine :)