Lisa's Hair Loss Story - Really Need Some Support, Please Help MeHello. My name is Lisa. I have been experiencing hair loss for a few months now and really need advice from women who have been through it. Firstly, I was wondering if you could recommend any good doctors in Massachusetts and if there are any support groups where you can meet with other women in person.

I hope its ok that I am telling you this personal information. I am really desperate for advice and have not found a good dermatologist yet that will help me. Plus it is like pulling teeth to get a referral with my health clinic.

I will try to tell you briefly of my hair loss story. I had an abortion in the beginning of April 2007. After the procedure (which was done by the medical abortion pill) I did not get my period for approximately two months and notice sometime in May or June that my hair seemed to be drying out. In July I started shedding abnormal amounts of hair in the shower and on my brushes. I have always been a big shedder but this was much more than normal. I went to my primary care and she did blood work for a thyroid and it came back “normal”. I just shrugged it off to be stress.

On top of the abortion at that time I was suffering from severe stress due to my job. My boss literally verbally abused me on a regularly basis, plus I was a paralegal so that is a stressful position on its own. Basically every aspect of that job for the two years I worked there was stressful. Come the month of August my hair was starting to really really dry out and break. By September I freaked out because it was broke everywhere and I was still losing hair. At this point it was noticeable how thin my hair got. I normally have thick wavy hair. There is no type of baldness that runs in either side of my family, even the men. My family on both sides have very thick hair.

In September I seen one doctor who told me I had telogen effluvium do to stress and a terminated pregnancy I had in April. I wasn’t satisfied with his diagnosis so I went to Dr. Howard Baden (who is supposedly this fabulous doctor known worldwide) and he was an awful mean man with the worst bedside manner I have ever experienced. I was in tears when I left his office because of the way he treated me. Just by briefly looking at my scalp he said “female pattern baldness” but it was very unclear if it was a definite diagnosis or an educated guess. I have been losing hair all over my head not just one spot and it isn’t coming out in clumps. I have two spots on the crown of my head that have definitely gotten thinner and receded back but they have always been pretty thin. I couldn’t even ask him questions because he would shoot me down every time. He did tell me to send in a hair sample and I will have the results this Monday, November 5, 2007. Should I ask for a scalp biopsy too? [click to continue…]