Hair Loss Choices

by Y on March 6, 2021

Hair Loss Choices. We have some, believe it or not – we have some. I put my hand on my hip and say to my non glorious bio hair, “I own you.”

I choose to keep it or let it go.

Since way before I started wearing wigs I’ve wanted to shave my head, I have friends who have, and grew it back out, but they did it. I spoke to one yesterday about it and she said it was one of the most liberating things she did for herself.

I believe it.

I think 2021 is my year, it isn’t that I plan on keeping it forever shaved (who knows, I cannot say), but I want to know I CAN, so I know I can always go back to that place, and the only way you get that confidence and power is really to just do it… no way around that one.

Same is true for wearing hair by the way, how do you know you can do it? – You just do it.

The planner girl has come up with a plan that I think works for me – which I’ll share another time and along the way. But it would be after my next PRP treatment, and if you are wondering why the heck would STILL do PRP if I am making plans to shave my head, it’s because I want to, and it’s not an all or none mentality to how I choose to address my hair loss life. I can treat my hair loss in a manner I feel good with AND wear wigs. It’s because it is still a part of my process at this time, and even if I had a shaved stubble head for life, I might want a fuller appearance of stubble, if possible – then again, later I could decide, eh, I’m done with it.

Choices, decisions – my decision, my choice.

There is no right or wrong in your journey, no one can tell you what you should or should not do.

Make the choice to treat your hair loss or don’t, make the choice to wear wigs or don’t. Shave your head. Do it all, or do nothing. Only YOU can choose the path best for you. Choose what will bring you peace and ultimately make the choices that you can live with.

Sending Much Love To All!

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