Getting Over Hair Loss

by Y on March 17, 2021

Over the years, I’ve often been asked “How did you get over your hair loss?” But I didn’t get “over” my hair loss, rather, I learned to accept it and I learned to live with it.

Hair loss was traumatic for me, it impacted every part of my life, countless decisions were framed around it, including many times choosing to not treat myself medically because I was afraid ANY medication would make my hair loss worse, so at times I had compromised my health for hair loss.

I wear wigs because of my hair loss, if I shave my head, it’s because of my hair loss – those are present day realities. I treat my hair loss with PRP. Saying I’m “over” my hair loss would not be an accurate statement.

What I CAN say is I have quite successfully learned to live with hair loss, accept it, no longer feel a prisoner to it, no longer compromise my health for it (physically or mentally) and that’s a solid win in my book. I couldn’t have hoped for more, truly. Quite honestly, that’s as close to getting over it that I will be, and I am really content in that, because I can actually accept my reality, no longer be owned by it, I can live my life – I can feel free from hair loss, and also at the same time, not be “over it.”

I’m proud and have much gratitude for having reached this place I have in my hair loss life, there was a time I never thought it was possible.

Let me know your thoughts below, would love to hear from you!

Sending much love to all!

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