Requesting An Invite Code To The Network

To Request An Invite Code To The Women’s Hair Loss Project Network, Please Email With The Subject Title of “Invite Code Request.” All Requests Are Handled Within 24-72 Hours, and Often Times much Sooner Than That. There Are Times I Get Behind, So Please Bare With Me, If I’m Taking Longer Than Should Be Expected.

I have recently created Women’s Hair Loss Project pages, on YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter. If you would like to follow me on those social networks, that’s great! I’ll provide the links below. I do post items on those places that aren’t posted here simply out of convenience, it’s easy to post easily to those places from my iphone, at the moment thoughts, photos and videos. So if you want to follow my hair loss and now hair wearing life even closer here are the links:



Please be aware that we do not allow users to sell their products or services here. Whether or not you personally benefit, posts, usernames, signatures and/or info in your profile or blogs, that name, promote or advertise free or commercial services, websites or products are considered to be advertising and will be immediately removed, and the user will have their account deleted immediately, no questions asked. This is an ad-free network, a safe community for women with hair loss who are genuinely looking for answers and support. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank You.

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