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Be Nice to me, I’m going bald!

by admin on September 20, 2007

Be Nice To Me, I'm Going Bald!So the great thing about having a supportive man in your life is being able to joke about things that aren’t really funny. Yesterday my fiance was saying something from afar that nagged me (completely unrelated to hair), I forgot what, but I replied to him “Hey, be nice to me, I’m going bald!” As the words left my mouth I started to laugh and so did he once he could hear I was only joking.

My mind found a joke in there somewhere to pick myself up because I was feeling pretty down yesterday after the shower gauntlet of shampoo, rinse and comb. Oddly enough, I picked up a T-shirt to put on that I think was mailed to be a few weeks ago when I bought something on the internet ( it was a free gift) and the back of it said:

\di-tur-muhney-shuh n\
a: a fixed purpose,
the power and will to persist,
resolve, to have the drive,
to have the grit, to go the distance,
to be hell-bent on reaching a goal
and getting it done no matter what

After I read that my spirit lifted up a little and I forced myself back into my “strong mindset,” and said to myself “I am determined.” Determined to not let my hair loss eat me alive, to beat this, maybe not with treatment because that is beyond my control, but with my mind, with my heart and learning to love myself and not care so much about what other people think.

Anyways, I thought it would make funny bumper sticker “Be Nice To Me, I’m Going Bald.” a little humor never hurts.