chemotherapy hair loss

Insurance Companies Should Cover Cost of Wigs For Medical Hair LossInsurance companies don’t cover the cost of wigs, also known as hair prosthesis, when hair loss is caused by anything other than chemotherapy. And even then, not all insurance companies cover the cost of the hair prosthesis for chemotherapy related hair loss. Lisa Fayed, the cancer guide from writes “If your insurance company does cover the cost of wig, you may need your doctor to write a letter or prescription that includes information as to why you need the wig, noting that it is not for cosmetic purposes, but for your emotional well-being. Request that your doctor prescribe a “hair prosthesis or cranial hair prosthesis”, not just a “wig”. Insurance companies are very particular of wording, and most will not cover a “wig”, but will cover a “hair prosthesis”, even though they are the same thing.

Well the “emotional well being” reason is still applicable for whatever the reason the person is suffering with hair loss. My insurance company covers the cost of orthotics, those little plastic like shoe inserts that are custom ordered from the podiatrist. The cost of the orthotics at my podiatrist, $500. That would provide for a decent hair prosthesis for a hair loss suffer. I suffer much more from my hair loss than I ever did from my unbalanced feet alignment. My foot ailment never caused me any “emotional well being” distress, just a little discomfort and pain, but yet that is covered under my insurance plan. They also cover “psychological treatment” which many women end up needing due to the devastating effect hair loss has on a woman’s self image. The insurance companies should realize that they are being penny wise and dollar foolish. They are probably spending millions on psychological treatment sought by people suffering with hair loss, when if fact that number could be cut down dramatically if they simply offered coverage of the hair prosthesis.

Something to think about.