Focus On What’s Left

by tangie on September 6, 2008

I started thinking last night about what’s left you know, before hair loss was your issue, was it losing weight or acne or your teeth or what? For me, it’s my teeth. Sometimes I  think to myself that I would have wrinkles by now if I smiled as much as most people do normally. I don’t smile much because my teeth have big spaces between them. Soo, I am going to finance myself a brand new smile, yep… I’m going to give people something to look at and compliment me on and take all the power that the hair loss has away. I am within 20 pounds of my goal weight and I am not going to stop until I’ve reached it. Winter is coming and I am going to buy some adorable hats and then next spring I will make a decision on either shaving my head or getting a hair piece.  And you know what, It is going to be OK everybody, it really is.
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